Static Website Designing

Providing creative thinking, Imagination and Innovation in our Static web site planning Services Static web site planning involves little further as immense websites however with straightforward styles and while not tough cryptography. SWA Softech provides static website designing services which is appealing, responsive, attractive and creative. These static websites allows businesses to explain their companys goals objectives and offers.

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What is Static Web Site?


In technical terms, a static web site is developed in HTML and CSS languages. It consists of a series of coded files that are created to represent the varied physical pages on the site. These websites are fast and simple to develop. They're efficient and are the right alternative for little businesses. A static web site feels very like an internet book with forms and hyperlinks that alter its potential customers to look at completely different pages on the screen. The pages on a static web site once created can stay static and can't be updated or modified without coding skills.


Features of Static Website:

l Cost-Effective: Unlike a dynamic web site, static websites are cheaper to develop. they're apt for businesses performing on a shoestring budget.

l Inexpensive Hosting: Static websites will get dedicated servers at a less expensive worth which too with abundant ease.

l Easy Indexing: Search engines like Google, Bing etc., can easily index a static website as they are just a series of coded HTML or CSS files.

l Fast Transferring: Static websites do not have complex structures like a dynamic website and can be easily and quickly transferred from server to client without much processing time.



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